Sunday, 15 May 2011

"Marauders Read My Immortal" Update

Dumbledore practicing his end of year speech.
It's coming. The finale, I promise. You will not be waiting another 6 months for me to get my act together and post a new chapter.

I've mapped out a relatively solid plan for the rest of the story; three more chapters for the gang to finish My Immortal, as well as an epilogue - where Dumbledore unveils his newly-decorated Great Hall, says "you-know-what", and everyone goes a bit mental. I'm actually really looking forward to the epilogue; it'll be a farewell to the story and kind of a thank you to everyone who stuck with it.

Thanks, MRMI fans.

I have exams over the next week, and after that I have an entire week free to get to grips with everything else going on. So realistically, if I use my newfound free time to update, Marauders Read My Immortal should be finished in just under a month.

Hope that's okay with you guys. ;)

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  1. Hey I can't wait for this! any idea how long till it gets posted?? Also just wondering where can I find your other marauder fanfiction, and I would really like to read them so please let me know where I can find Goodbye, Good Riddance And Good Luck, Anarchy In Hogwarts, and Sniffin' Glue