Tuesday, 5 July 2011

New Fanfiction Project... Umm

I am so stupid. I shouldn't even be thinking of doing this. I've got several fanfiction projects on the go, some already posted and some that aren't even written yet, and plenty that are probably going to become discontinued or what not.

Last thing I should be doing is conceiving of yet another project. Especially one that will very likely end up being seven volumes long...

Yesterday, I was reading some fanfiction writer's profile, and they were talking about a potential but abandoned idea for writing a Lily Luna Potter series, citing the fact that she got little love from the NextGen writers. (Which is true. There's a bunch of stories along the lines of "Albus Potter And The Mysterious MacGuffin", "James Potter And The New Lord Voldemort" and "Teddy Lupin And The Goblin Uprising" posted and completed. There's none like that for Lily Luna.)

Naturally, the Really Good Ideas portion of my brain starts going into overdrive...

Point is, I now have an outline for a Lily Luna Series in my mind, complete with a villain, a couple of OC friends, political unrest and some world-building. I've even written the first chapter. (Bearing in mind that I only thought of this yesterday and I usually win an Olympic Gold in procrastination).

Basically, trouble is that I've got a good plan for a series I would have fun writing, but in order to do so, I would have to put aside projects in my timetable to make room for it.

I want to get MRMI completed sometime soon. Too many people have reviewed and said they liked it for me just to keep them hanging. Plus, it was my first story up here - I need to finish it. However, I don't think four more chapters will be difficult in the grand scheme of things.

The real problem is my Marauders Series (currently titled Definitive Guide To Sex, Drugs And Rock And Roll or whatever). I posted basic details of this on my profile a while ago and I desperately want to get it written. It's intended to be a fairly complex exploration of Voldemort's rise to power and the involvement of James, Lily & Co. I want to be quite original, and I'm attempting to deconstruct a bunch of cliches in the Lily/James fandom. (This could also go completely wrong and end up falling flat.)

I have a detailed outline for this series, and it's the closest to my heart. It's also proving difficult to write - I'm still on the first volume and that alone has gone through several re-writes. (The first chapter of what was going to be my initial MWPP-Era story is currently posted and was scrapped a while ago. I'm not taking this down until I have something to replace it with.)

So. Dilemma; Do I write;

A) Lily Potter Series; Long series I would find easier to write and have fun creating,  OR
B) Marauder Seres; Long series I would find harder to write but prefer to have written.



  1. Hi! Please write the Marauder series! You portray them better than anybody else I've read,however, it is your choice, as you will be the one writing it, so pick something you will enjoy writing, and hopefully be able to finish. Also, I would love to follow your blog, but am afraid that you may think I'm weird seeing as you don't know me at all, and I just found this from your fanfic page. So, if I do please don't get creeped out. Thanks :)

  2. Hi! You can follow me if you like. I don't mind :)

  3. So, honestly, I would prefer the marauder series, because I am completely obsessed with MRMI. However here is my real advice. Put a poll up on your Fanfiction profile. More people who care are likely to give you better input, if that makes sense. Also you could add something about it in your authors note nest time you update MRMI (hint hint) or another one of your non completed stories. Also let me remind you that Never Mind the Bullocks Here's the Marauders (great name by the way) has already been started

  4. So your Marauders series sounds a lot like what I was thinking of! I also want to veer away from the cliched characters that so many fanfic authors have been writing, and my series is going to be an explanation of a few things: why the Potters had thrice defied Voldemort, why Dorcas Meadowes was special enough to be killed by the Dark Lord himself, what exactly happened between Peter and Sirius and why, and just how early the Marauders got involved in the conflict. The only problem? I still have to answer those questions! I'm quite slow. It sounds like you've already got the plot going on yours--I'm so jealous! I can't wait to hear how it goes.